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About the GBOX® Assist 3.0 brand

  • Telematics system supporting the management of a transport company developed regularly since 2008
  • A Polish system with European-scale solutions
  • Advanced IT project created specifically for heavy transport

GBOX® Assist 3.0 – advanced telematics and GPS monitoring system, the proprietary brand of INELO – a Polish company, leading on the European market, manufacturer of top quality tools, necessary for managing a transportation company vehicle fleet monitoring.

The on-going company development provides the Clients with updated solutions adapted to the sector requirements – with utmost diligence and the highest quality standards.

 GBOX® Assist 3.0 is a solution supporting managing of company through:

  • bilateral communication with the driver,
  • delegation of forwarding orders directly to the driver,
  • scanning and e-mailing documents directly to GBOX® Online system by the driver,
  • on-going analysis of driver’s working time and remote data collection from the driver card and the tachograph,
  • navigation including trucks,
  • warning and informing the driver on dangerous parking lots, toll-zones, fleet stations available in the vicinity.

GBOX® Assist 3.0 may by extended by peripherals that enable, without limitation, to analyse the economics of vehicle use or fuel control.