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  • Constant contact with the driver
  • Transparent form of communication limiting the possibility of mistakes
  • Message archiving enables verification of the facts
  • Limitation of phone calls/text messages
  • Clear order in the exchange of information with drivers
Gbox system


  • Accelerated document flow
  • Shortening the periods of settlements with contractors
  • Ongoing control of expenses related to execution of a transport order
  • Facilitating support for the driver during the check
  • Increased security – a copy of the documents
  • Possibility to upload electronic versions of documents scanned by the driver
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  • Current and accurate information about the activities being performed by the driver
  • Verification that the driver has the necessary documents, equipment and the technical condition of the vehicle before the road
  • Possibility to configure the automatic path of questions and answers
  • Automatic notification of defined adverse situations
Gbox status


  • Improving the process of executing and reporting progress the of transport orders
  • Fast and fool proof communication of order details
  • Saving time by viewing the current order status online
  • Reducing the cost of phone calls
GBox zlecenia


  • The possibility of planning routes taking into account the attributes of trucks
  • Saving of time and money by avoiding mistakes
  • Facilitating the driver’s work
  • Legal and uniform navigation throughout the company
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  • Information for the driver and the forwarder about leaving of a designated or forbidden area
  • Warnings for the driver about dangerous places, e.g. accidents, speed cameras, theft
  • Warnings and alerts about entering or leaving the assigned area by the vehicle.
  • Information and alerts for a vehicle staying in the designated area beyond the assumed time
GBox obszary


  • Support for the proper organization of the working time of drivers
  • Limiting infringements under the Ordinance 561
  • Remote reading of the driver card and the tachograph
  • Assistance to the driver during the check
  • Improving the current working time
Gbox czas pracy

TACHO Remote

  • Remote reading of data from the tachograph and driver card directly from the vehicle without having to insert the company card into the tachograph.
  • Automated remote reading through the possibility of scheduling data collection
  • Full monitoring of the scheduled readings status through a scheduling list.
  • Fulfilment of a statutory obligation on settling drivers’ working time arising from the Regulation (EU) 165/2014 without having to bring the driver to the company.


  • Automatic settlement of the business trips in 4Trans® system based on data from GBOX® Assist.
  • Streamlining and accelerating the process of business trips settlement remotely without the need to get the driver to visit the company
  • Settlement of the business trips based on the actual data recorded in the system
  • Possibility of eliminating human error thanks to the use of professional IT solutions
  • The possibility to verify the place of accommodation and settlement of the allowance in 4Trans system based on data from 4Trans
  • Verification and elimination of driver’s mistakes in determining the places of accommodation – MiLog, Loi Macrone
  • Saving of time and money by avoiding mistakes

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GBOX® vehicle location

GBOX® locator is the heart of the whole system used to monitor vehicles using GPS satellite positioning system and wireless data transmission.

It is maintenance-free and does not require any support or any other intervention by the user after installation in the vehicle. The locator is equipped with a set of connectors for attaching multiple peripherals to extend its functionality in many areas related to quality control of the work of vehicle users.



Panel GBOX® Online

GBOX® Online panel is a web-based application that enables fleet management and verification of working time of vehicles and drivers at two basic levels:


Current preview of the operating parameters of the vehicle in the form of clear tables and directly on the map view, allowing efficient management of the vehicle fleet utilization, among others, by:

  • indicating the optimum route,
  • changing the route to accommodate the new order,
  • verifying the status of the order,
  • supervising the cargo, vehicle and driver safety,
  • verifying of driving time and rest periods for drivers who can be checked by Traffic Inspection Authority.


Analysis of data from the specified period for the specified vehicle or group of vehicles through an extensive system of reporting, dynamic graphs or animation of the travelled route.




Unlimited access to

from the web




Clear and easy

to use interface



The panel is protected

with individual

login and password



Requires no installation

on your Client PC



Which enables:

  • Distinction of the driving mode
  • Settlement with the employee for the kilometres driven in private
  • Reducing the private mileage by the employees
  • In heavy transport allows to control efficient use of the vehicle fleet


Enables monitoring of:

  • Parking heater
  • Pick-up truck lift
  • Pumps
  • Doors opening
  • Engine rpm
  • Fuel level from the vehicle float sensor
  • Temperature e.g. in the refrigerated storage space



  • improved safety through the information about the unauthorized use of the vehicle
  • personalization of settlement of time, fuel, equipment regardless of how the fleet is used and of the drivers who can change vehicles


is one of the most effective fuel control methods. With precise measuring methods and data analysis we can provide you with the information about the amount of fuel in the tanks, and thus indicate refuelling and possible fuel losses. Fuel read from the probe is averaged and therefore measurements are resistant to the fluctuations of the diesel fuel level in the tank.


  • Prevent fuel theft
  • Check current fuel consumption
  • Detect discharges of fuel or filling outside the vehicle tank
  • Stay informed via email or text message on the change in fuel level
  • Compare refuelling from fuel cards to the refuelling probe signal


The data obtained from the CAN bus allow a detailed analysis of the vehicle use economy broken down into any periods or specific routes, including mileage, engine rpm, fuel level and consumption, the pressure on the gas pedal and axle load, engine temperature and condition, tachograph data, vehicle breakdowns.


  • Lower the failure rate and maintenance costs of vehicles
  • Streamline fleet management (control mileage, checks, warranty loss)
  • Increase the driving safety and efficiency
  • Verify the correctness of drivers’ working time within the meaning of Traffic Inspection Authority regulations
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Verify refuelling correctness

* The information available from the CAN bus depends on the model and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

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