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GBOX Assist will give you many opportunities

TACHO Remote

  • Remote downloading driver card data
  • Remote downloading data from the tachograph
  • Automatic reading schedule
  • Limitation of misuse and infringements
  • Fulfilling the statutory obligation
  • Remote reading without stopping the vehicle

Automatic settlement of business trips

  • Automatic record of business trip
  • Elimination of human error
  • Export of data on the trips to 4Trans
  • Acceleration of business trip settlement
  • Settlement based on actual data
  • Correct settlement of the minimum wage

Verification of accommodation allowances

  • Automatic recording of overnight stays
  • Elimination of human error
  • Export of overnight stay data to 4Trans
  • Acceleration of allowance settlement
  • Settlement based on actual data
  • Correct settlement of the minimum wage

Communication with the driver

  • Constant contact with the driver
  • Transparent form of communication
  • Message sound notification
  • Archiving conversations in the GBOX Online Panel
  • Limitation of phone calls/text messages
  • Option to send a message to several forwarders

Sending documents

  • Scanning of documents by the driver
  • Sending files to the forwarder
  • Archiving documents in the device
  • Accelerated document flow
  • Shortening the periods of settlements with contractors
  • Ongoing control of order costs

Driver status

  • Information about the activity being performed
  • Automatic driving status setting
  • Reminder about status change
  • Configuration of own statuses
  • Fixing the path of support questions
  • Information on adverse events

Handling orders

  • Notification about a new task
  • Chronological display of tasks
  • Easy management of designated tasks
  • Preview of the order status by the carrier
  • Simple reporting of completed orders
  • Reducing the cost of phone calls

Driver work time

  • Current status of driver’s working time
  • Warnings about ending working time
  • Notifications of infringements
  • Information about necessary rests
  • View of the working time of drivers in a team
  • Driver card reading and data transfer


  • Determination of areas recommended by the forwarder
  • Indicating of prohibited areas by the forwarder
  • Notifying the forwarder and driver about leaving the area
  • Informing the forwarder and driver about entering the area
  • Warnings for the driver about dangerous places
  • Informing the forwarder of prolonged stay in an area


  • The custom-set route option
  • The forwarder-set route function
  • Planning of truck attributes route
  • Option to reselect the same route
  • Multiple use of destinations
  • Legal and uniform navigation in the company

The location of the vehicle

  • Tracking vehicles in real time
  • Displaying the location of the vehicle on the map view
  • Monitoring of current vehicle information
  • Verifying the work of drivers and vehicles
  • Access to recorded historic data
  • Generating transparent reports and summaries

Fuel control and vehicle economy

  • Verifying the correctness of refueling
  • Controlling the current fuel consumption
  • Increased safety and driving economy
  • Controlling mileage and overhauls
  • Reducing the failure rate and operating costs of vehicles
  • Supervising drivers’ working time

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